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Goal: Improve Student Outcomes


The pace of America's K-12 Schools today means constant pressure to produce results despite recent budgetary constraints. All stakeholders need daily timely, trustworthy, unfragmented, reliable and actionable data to improve student outcomes. 


NewWay's WISE Platform offers a Performance Management Environment locally hosted that enables school leaders to prepare more personalized school day schedules, teachers to perform at a higher level by making well informed decisions, and districts to predict student results with a great deal of confidence. 


This is made possible by providing school leaders technologically advanced tools and expert guidance, integrating and capturing student and teacher data from all mission critical systems in a timely manner, and analyzing historical data over time to uncover and correct students' weaknesses and to optimize their strengths. 


Delivering data to stakeholders: when it's needed, where it's needed and why it's needed so that they can determine how to heighten student achievement. 

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