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Teacher Performance Strategy


The strategic goal to improve teacher effectiveness presents the challenge of integrating data from information systems across the enterprised network in today's schools. Overall, it's success depends on the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data for teachers to make better decisions and informed actions by tracking progress against key performance indicators (KPIs).


Identifying Data: Performance Indicators

Identify the data in the disparate enterprise information systems that is needed to support teachers to improve instruction, to evaluate teacher effectiveness, to assess various programs, to determine student progress and much more..


Capturing Data: Web Services Framework

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) connects district systems to the XML Web Services Framework built on the .NET technology, where data is exported for batch or real-time processing.


Consolidating Data: Central Repository

Consolidate all key data from different sources into a single open all-in-one Unified Master Database (SQL or Oracle) with user friendly data field descriptions simplified so that teachers can easily access and use the data in a self-service manner.


Validating Data: Rules-Based Checking

Validate every data element against district definable rules to assure that it is accurate, complete and consistent with other captured data elements. The data needs to be trustworthy. 


Translating Data: Local, State and Federal

Translating data into a format that makes it easier for teachers to understand increases the likelihood thet Business Intelligence (BI) Tools will be used. Data can also be translated into different formats based on local, state, and federal requirements. 



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