NewWay is here to help any way we can in this difficult Coronavirus (COVID-19) time by providing professional services at a reduced cost and technologically advanced AI tools at no cost to help America's Schools open the 2020-21 school year safely this Fall.  Plans include master schedule experts online or onsite for hours/days based on the school size and student needs as well as the school's administrator scheduling experience. Click here to read our COVID-19 REOPENING SCHOOL PLAN

Student course requests are exported or downloaded from the school's existing Student Information System (SIS), a unique secured instance of NewWay's AI master scheduling system is provisioned in the cloud for the school, a new master schedule is designed, engineered and then built, where when done complete six (6) day rotating student schedules, indicating the days each student will attend school, where student enrollment is split-up randomly into three (3) groups evenly across all grade levels to maintain social distancing, are imported into the school district's existing SIS.  Please note that there is a family exception, where multiple children attending a school from the same family shall be placed in the same group to relieve parents of the home school burden on the days that their children attend school.

NewWay Master Scheduling GoTo Cloud.jpg