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NewWay is here to help all schools to rethink their school day by providing Master Schedule Plans with on-demand coaching and support that include a subscription to use its technologically advanced AI tools.  Master schedule expert help and guidance is provided as needed from start-to-finish based on the school's (elementary, middle or high) size and student grade level needs as well as the school's administrator master scheduling experience.   

For high schools, student data and course requests are exported from the school's existing Student Information System (SIS), a unique secured instance of NewWay's AI master scheduling system is provisioned in the cloud for each school.  Then with expert help a new master schedule is designed, engineered and then built, where when done complete student schedules are produced and then imported into the school's SIS system.  For middle and elementary student data are exported from the school's SIS and then course codes are developed based on grade levels, where individual student profiles are built based on special needs and ability levels.  Each school has its own unique secured instance in NewWay's AI platform.  Middle and elementary complete schedules are produced and when done are imported into the school's SIS system.

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